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Firstly I'd like to say that I'm not going to show off right here. It starts with a post about Mac OS X getting slow down, which makes me start to think about OS installation, and then "OS X is not an OS needs to be re-installed from time to time", and something like that. I think it's normal because a lot of people think that re-install the OS is the fastest as well as a reliable way to resurrect a deadly computer.

However, after thinking further, I realize that I've crossed my mind at this point. I've been playing with PC from about 1994 and I don't have any experience in reinstalling any OS before year 2000 because I didn't personally have one for a long time (did rent one during holidays several times, though). And then, lemme collect... Maybe I should not agree that reinstalling OS is a good idea.

*Computers below are all my home computer. Working computer is a different thing.
  1. 2000 - 2008, my first Celeron 667MHz. I'd been using Windows 98 until XP was out, and then switched to XP immediately (a lot of people were using Windows 2000 those days and kept popping shit about XP, bah). As all I can recall, Windows 98 seemed so stable to me, which may sound weird now, but it is true. Yes it has the legendary blue screen but I can tell you that I kept using the same WIn98 for about 2 years. About XP, I've only seen blue screen once on my old Celeron once because of the CD Burner. And I've never re-installed it for 6 years, too. I did have used the system disk to 'repair' the system (I forgot the reason) but never reinstalled it. Don't know if that counts.
  2. 2006 - 2008, Celeron D 2.93G. Celeron has been shitty all the time, yeah, but I can only affort that then (just kidding, the main reason is my working computer is a Thinkpad X60 and I can carry it here and there all the time in 2006). Havn't been using it too much in 2006, and Vista was installed from the beginning. It's been OK until one day my mind was just fucked up and I decided to try the WGA and suddenly, I became "a victim of legal software" (that's it, Windows Vista). And then story was simple: I was fucked up. That's all. But the most ridiculous thing is that I could not install XP nor Vista then. So magically I became a full-time Fedora user (I even changed my working desktop to Fedora, too). Absolutely no reinstallation all the time.
  3. 2008 - now, HP laptop. Vista, Ubuntu, and OS X. No reinstallation nor other interesting stories either. Ubuntu is awesome.
  4. Now, a Macbook Pro. OS X + XP because Vista crushes from time to time. Dunno why nor want to study the reaosn. BTW, gnome under macports is far from perfect as it is in Fedora & Ubuntu, which makes me very sad because XCode is the only thing I need actually. As I said, I'm smart enough to pick Linux as the best OS, heh heh.
OK, that's all the stories. As I can tell things like using anti-virus softwares or ghost are stupid, it only proves that you like install rubbish on your system, which is ridiculous for me, and a lot of people I believe. I'm not going to say anything about security policy here, but about avoiding reinstallatin, there are some suggestions:
  • Better stay away with those BIG JERK softwares that installs a lot of COM shit, .NET shit or other shit in your computer. Find yourself replacements and there always are. This applies for Windows and here are some examples: Microsoft Office (using google documents), Visual Studio (a lot of replacements depending on your purpose, for personal usage I highly recommend script languages like Python and PHP, etc.), all anti-virus softwares (stay behind your router and firewall and it will be OK mostly).
  • Uninstall the softwares that you don't need. For example you installed winzip and then found winrar is better, then uninstall winzip. This applies to Linux too, just use apt / yum to do the trick.
  • Ask yourself "what I'm doing" when you're doing something to your computer, and:
  • Always tell yourself: OS REINSTALLATION IS EVIL.
And that's all. Have a good time :)