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iPhone Ringtone

I have to admit that the idea of purchasing a self-made ringtone from iTunes Store is gay, especially when you already own that song legally, not to mention that tons of your favorite songs don't even have a ringtone version. Well, actually you are more than free to created any ringtone you like by yourself, with all the tools provided by Apple already. Here are the steps:
  1. Make an AAC version of one of your song (if it's downloaded from iTunes Store, it's not needed)
  2. Trim it by using QuickTime Player Pro (not sure about the windows version but in Snow Leopard it's gonna be free)
  3. Rename it's prefix to *.m4r from mov or m4a or whatever
  4. Drag it to your iTunes and sync with your iPhone
Actually it's pretty late for me to learn about this, but anyway, it's never too late for learning.