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Google Gone Evil... Finally

posted Jul 22, 2011, 9:40 PM by Leo - -
I used to respect Google. Even Steve Jobs said it's "bullshit", Google has still been way less eviler than Apple obviously, so Steve's speech could be take as some kind of jealousy - until recently, Google decided to ban the users not using real name from using Plus, Buzz, and reader. It's improper because:

1. Any internet service providers, SHOULD NOT change their policy because of they have gained a huge user base, so that they can do it "safely". Yes, it is legal, but it's evil definitely. For example, I've been using Google Reader for years, and suddenly my profile was banned and I can't share anything anymore. If Google apply this to Plus it's fine, because it's a new SNS which is even in beta. To Buzz it may be OK, because it's fairly new (although I may have doubt about that, but) to an old service like reader, it's very rude for Google to change their policy. The question about whether a user should provide his real name to share some articles is another thing, I'm just saying that, no service provider should make such a big change suddenly, and....

2. Without any options,noticing, or even some basic hint. All you will see is something like "cannot share you post now... please try again later". This is VERY misleading and fraud. It's not the law, but most people see this they will consider it's kind of server downtime, internet problem, etc. By reading all this, who is able to know that it's "your profile has been suspended"? Not me. I tried a lot of thing to ensure Google works well for my connection, and finally I Googled it myself. I don't know what Google thinks; maybe it feels like if things are not going well, they can revert everything and pretend nothing happened? Or it's too risky to inform a lot of users that they cannot use their profile at the same time? Nonetheless, you can't even share something with your online friends with your online ID, that's all Google's up to. so...

3. Everyone should have their rights to be anonymous online. It's not about hacking or cracking or something, it's about the nature of our society: if something is not enforced by law, you can do it. Some people may be keeping anonymous for bad reason, but way more people do this for good reason, like protecting themselves, etc. If you were in China, you must not do anything that looks "suspicious" to the government, but we're in the free world. Everybody's choice should be respect. Well of course Google also has its rights to ban user without real name, and that's protected by the law, but at the same time Google wants to use this right, it became evil. Finally.

Google is already so big and so successful that your "protesting" against it will be in vain, like you protest Microsoft for being a douche bag, or Apple for being an evil cult or something. And it's never been hard for anyone to choose a fake "real name" like John Doe or Jim Smith. But all these don't effect one thing: the once noble search giant has fallen because it's lust to beat facebook. "You don't have to be evil to make money", but yea, if you're it's much more easier for you to make money. Google finally stopped resisting it.

What a shame to the whole world.